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HEIDI LOCICERO & PEYTON LOCICERO-TRIST: It’s a well-known fact that mother-daughter duos are a force to be reckoned with. The dynamic duo behind The Scout Guide 30A-Destin, Heidi LoCicero and Peyton LoCicero-Trist, are living proof. They’re known across the south for having an eye for all things southern, elegant, personalized, and unique. Both are legendary storytellers, creatives, and entrepreneurs, who share a love of championing local and regional businesses, making The Scout Guide the perfect jewel in their crown. When she’s not out scouting, Peyton enjoys spending time at the beach with her husband Beau, show jumping on her pony No Sweat Norman, or taking strolls with their rescue pup Mikey Mike Trist. Heidi spends her free time boating and traveling with her college sweetheart/husband Brian and perfecting the art of being “Honey” to her new grandson, Edward Grea LoCicero.

PEYTON ON HEIDI My mother, Heidi, inspires me and so many others. She is a wonderful example of a woman who can do it all—serve her community, support worthwhile causes, while working hard to build brands, loving fiercely, forgiving quickly, and impacting the lives around her for the better…all while planning a formal dinner party for 40, the following evening. From a young age, I’ve been inspired by her creativity, boundless energy, and ability to bring opposing teams to the table, which is what keeps folks seeking out her wisdom. She has a knack for spotting great business opportunities and I’ve always been impressed with her success and ability to turn things she invests in into gold. My mom began her career in television and soon after was asked to be part of the team that re-started the Louisiana Lottery after a 123-year hiatus. She went on to serve as the “lottery girl,” and was Louisiana Lottery’s Million Dollar Game Show host, helping to re-establish the state lottery as a viable, trusted entity. In 1993, she gave birth to her favorite daughter (me!) and shortly thereafter began opening gift and stationery shops in her native Louisiana, with Florida stores, under the brand name, Frill Seekers Gifts. Once the internet entered homes in the ’90s, the online shop component, grew exponentially, and the brand now has clients in 49 states and ships personalized fabulous finds, fine stationery, wedding, and party invitations worldwide. She served on the mayor of Baton Rouge’s transition team and was instrumental in bringing forth unity and positive change. For decades she wrote an etiquette column, published under the name, The Social Butterfly. In her spare time, she became aninvestor/shareholder, serving on the start-up team of Southern Airways Express, America’s fastest growing short haul airline and she recently cofounded Destin High School, Florida’s first high school, and continues to serve on the Governing Board and supports many non-profits with her time and talent. My mother is one of those women who always sees the best in people and opportunities and has an uncanny ability to spot a winner. I tell her all the time that she is lucky. She tells me that she’s blessed!

HEIDI ON PEYTON My daughter, Peyton LoCicero-Trist, has a gift for sharing and telling stories that open minds and pierces hearts. She’s an expert communicator and connector, who has cultivated strong community relationships and enjoys shining light on others, so that they radiate success. Growing up as the daughter of a serial entrepreneur and community servant, Peyton learned the importance of hard work, determination, and supporting local causes early in life. Peyton is deeply rooted in the community and was chosen to serve as Miss Destin 2011. She used that ambassadorship, sparkly crown, and sash to gain entrance to Florida’s State Capital to speak to legislators about the importance of preserving the incredible natural resources of our region that were impacted following the BP Oil Spill. Not only did they listen, but Peyton was also invited back. Peyton has always been not just a trendsetter, but a trend-spotter, with her finger firmly planted on the pulse of what’s hot and what’s not. During college Peyton became a designer and buyer for our gift brand, Frill Seekers Gifts, and was responsible for impressive growth in each gift category. Peyton graduated from Ole Miss with a degree in Journalism and Graphic Design and quickly landed an on-air job in a top 50 television market. She is a news anchor and reporter for ABC’s Good Morning New Orleans Show and works with the NBA New Orleans Pelicans’ organization. She splits her time between the beaches of 30A and the big city lights of New Orleans. Peyton’s work ethic, paired with her natural ability to lead, makes her the perfect partner, best friend, and co-editor of The Scout Guide 30A Destin. Peyton’s deep love of travel and adventure is what brought The Scout Guide to our world. Following each trip, she would arrive home with the city’s Scout Guide in hand to show me all the wonderful, new resources she discovered. Next, Peyton would “style” her collection of guides on her coffee table, because she simply could not and would not part with them. The “ah ha” moment came as we both arrived at the airport with the latest volume of The Scout Guide Park City in hand. After we both laughed, Peyton emphatically said, “Mom, someone needs to start a Scout Guide for the 30A-Destin area!” I told her, “Why yes! Yes, you should, Peyton!” And so, we did! Collectively, Heidi and Peyton’s goal with The Scout Guide 30A-Destin, is to support and elevate local and regional businesses, celebrated chefs, talented artists, and inspiring entrepreneurs. In the guide, you’ll meet the movers and shakers of 3OA-Destin and learn what fuels their passion. You’ll tag along on a memorable journey to explore what to do, where to go, what to eat, and what not to miss on your next beach getaway.


Breathtaking Beaches: The 3OA-Destin area, known as The Emerald Coast, has 24 miles of white-quartz sand and world-famous beaches. Think sparkling shades of turquoise green, crystal clear water, lapping upon the soft, sugar white sands of our Gulf of Mexico seashore, as dolphins swim by and seagulls chirp overhead. Each new day will beckon you to take a sunrise walk and sunset stroll, with plenty of fun-in-the-sun sandwiched between the two. This coastal area is where generations of families come to make lifetime memories.

Fishing and Food: Destin, known as “The World’s Luckiest Fishing Village,” is home to the nation’s largest charter fishing fleet. Sea-to-table dining is a thing here, where you book afishing trip and drop a line and most restaurants will cook what you hook. If your sea legs are abit wobbly, not to worry, you won’t go hungry! This slice of paradise is nestled between the beach and the bay, which means you’ll still have ample opportunities to dine at award-winning, water-front restaurants to enjoy the catch of the day, succulent oysters, and the most delicious tropical beverages along Florida’s Gulf Coast. Complete with a colorful cocktail umbrella, of course!

Explore and Tour: Think sunny and 75! With an average of 343 sunny days per year, and anaverage temperature of 75 degrees, this enviable climate makes the 3OA-Destin area the perfect place to get outside and explore. You’ll discover a coastal wilderness of state parks and forests, as well as nature trails and rare coastal dune lakes, to set your sights on by foot, by kayak, on a paddleboard, or even horseback, all year round. Each season offers festivals and events to enjoy, such as Wine Fests, Art Festivals, Bloody Mary Fest, Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach, Seaside School’s Annual Race, and the Destin Fishing Rodeo, just to name a few.

If you’d rather explore indoors, the shopping is divine, and the art scene is quite vibrant along the coast. Spend an afternoon meandering through quaint art galleries and shops that are tucked in 18 distinct and delightfully different beach towns that dot the coastline. Each beach town has its own unique style and vibe to experience, but all ooze southern charm, which is what draws visitors to this part of the “Sunshine State” year after year.

WORDS PEYTON LIVES BY: Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game. “Before every big moment, decision, or crossroad, I remind myself of this quote. Following adream can be scary, but at the same time…thrilling! Life is a game, and we only get one shot at it, so I want to be known as one who always swings for the fences, runs the bases, scores, and hears the roar of the crowd!” WORDS HEIDI LIVES BY: To whom much is given, much is expected! “I was raised on this motto and made it my own mantra, as I raised my children. It is a daily reminder to be the light and live so that those who know and love me, can testify there is a light that shines from within to serve others and to exude a special kind of brightness even on the darkest day.”


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