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Peyton LoCicero-Trist, has a gift for sharing and telling stories that open minds and pierces hearts. She’s an expert communicator and connector, who has cultivated strong community relationships and enjoys shining light on others, so that they radiate success.


Growing up as the daughter of a serial entrepreneur and community servant, Peyton learned the importance of hard work, determination, and supporting local causes early in life. Peyton is deeply rooted in the community and was chosen to serve as Miss Destin 2011. She used that ambassadorship, sparkly crown, and sash to gain entrance to Florida’s State Capital to speak to legislators about the importance of preserving the incredible natural resources of our region that were impacted following the BP Oil Spill. Not only did they listen, but Peyton was also invited back.

Peyton has always been not just a trendsetter, but a trend-spotter, with her finger firmly planted on the pulse of what’s hot and what’s not. During college Peyton became a designer and buyer for our gift brand, Frill Seekers Gifts, and was responsible for impressive growth in each gift category. Peyton graduated from Ole Miss with a degree in Journalism and Graphic Design and quickly landed an on-air job in a top 50 television market. She is a news anchor and reporter for ABC’s Good Morning New Orleans Show and works with the NBA New Orleans Pelicans’ organization. She splits her time between the beaches of 30A and the big city lights of New Orleans. Peyton’s work ethic, paired with her natural ability to lead, makes her the perfect partner, best friend, and co-editor of The Scout Guide 30A Destin.

Peyton’s deep love of travel and adventure is what brought The Scout Guide to our world. Following each trip, she would arrive home with the city’s Scout Guide in hand to show me all the wonderful, new resources she discovered. Next, Peyton would “style” her collection of guides on her coffee table, because she simply could not and would not part with them. The “ah ha” moment came as we both arrived at the airport with the latest volume of  The Scout Guide Park City in hand. After we both laughed, Peyton emphatically said, “Mom, someone needs to start a Scout Guide for the 30A-Destin area!” I told her, “Why yes! Yes, you should, Peyton!” And so, we did!

Collectively, Heidi and Peyton’s goal with The Scout Guide 30A-Destin, is to support and elevate local and regional businesses, celebrated chefs, talented artists, and inspiring entrepreneurs. In the guide, you’ll meet the movers and shakers of 3OA-Destin and learn what fuels their passion. You’ll tag along on a memorable journey to explore what to do, where to go, what to eat, and what not to miss on your next beach getaway.

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